For most of the people to maintain optimal conditions in a swimming pool is a real headache. Did I put the good doses of products? I leave this weekend... Ouch! How will be my swimming pool in my return?
So much questioning as AZUREO puts a sense of honor to be resolved by advising you one or several automatic devices adapted to your swimming pool.

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About 70 % of the treatment of your swimming pool is realized by your filter, the remaining 30 % in most of the cases by treatment in the chlorine: liquid, in pebble either powder. However The manual disinfection does not allow a control optimal of your swimming pool all the year round.

The automatic products AZUREO offer the natural and ecological production of disinfectant by saltwater chlorination. The passage of the salt water in the cell(unit) (delivered with your equipment) installed in your circuit of filtration allows the destruction of bacteria, residuals and give to the water a transparency and a sensational lightness. The active chlorine produced by your electrolyseur is natural, healthy and ecological.

AZUREO chlorinators are suitable on existing swimming pools.



  • Healthy water and crystalline

  • Natural solution

  • Economical: no more purchase of products and less emptying of your swimming pool

  • No more irritation of eyes nor skin

  • No more of décoloratrion of the swimming costumes

  • No more manipulation and chemical storage of productse

  • Maintain in good conditions your pool during your absences

  • Starting and wintering options

  • Cleaning of the cell(unit)



The pH indicates the degree of acidity of the water. it confronts by a value included between 1 and 14:
pH 10: pH basic(basal)
pH 7: pH neutral (balanced pH)
pH 4: pH Acid

The pH changes according to of numerous factors: number of swimmers(children), temperature, surrounding vegetation.

The variations of the pH are frequent and must be regulated throughout the day.

AZUREO offers you the simplest technology to regulate : an antomatic pump. Thanks to the pH probe calibrated by factory in 7.2 and placed on the circuit of filtration the water will permanently be analyzed and regulated as a 0.1 pH difference is detected.
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  • Effective treatment

  • Reduced the manipulation of chemicals and analysis

  • Facilitate the comfort of bathing

  • Bigger efficiency of your products injected in the circuit of filtration

  • Maintenance and regulation pH


kit to calibrate
Electronic pH testor
Electronic salt testor