1. Telemarketing: Building a qualified Contact Base & Collecting Data
  2. Making qualified appointments for sales people
  3. Making qualified appointments to generate POS traffic (drive to store)
  4. Telesales, Order taking ( conquest)
  5. Quotation reminders (Invoice +3 months/+6 months/+1 year)
  6. Additional sales(cross-selling)
  7. Upmarket(upselling)
  8. Destocking (Purchase of stock)


  • 57% of the sales time is not spent on sales (Route, Administrative, Meetings, Training, customer disputes, after-sales service, unpaid processing, etc.)
  • 60% of a client portfolio disappears in  5 years

Sell the difference! Competitive advantage determines success» To appreciate the potential of your offer, test your product or service. Sniff out the opportunities! Export must combine business and geography. Pay attention to the “place to market” as there can be a “time to market”. “Your product must be adapted to the maturity of the target market, the purchasing power of populations and the regulatory context.”

1. Telemarketing: Building a Qualified Contact Base & Collecting Data

Le lead nurturing : consists in feeding your prospects with content and value in order to educate them, and ultimately to get a decision (a registration, a purchase, an appointment, etc.). To pre-qualify your prospects or identify customers most interested in your offer before tightening your targeting.

2. Making qualified appointments for sales people

CAP EXPORT issues outgoing calls to plan the passage of one of your salespeople, in line with the company’s calendar and geographical priorities. On existing frame or to create CAP EXPORT adapts its speech according to the orientations of the company

3. Making qualified appointments to generate POS traffic (drive to store)

CAP EXPORT issues outbound calls to prospects to invite them at a point of sale to collect a gift, a voucher, for a sponsorship, get a discount) in order to generate a larger traffic flow.

 Corporate gifts are a strategic way to reward customers through loyalty but also to spread the brand


  1. Either help customers get your product from management to a nearby point of sale
  2. Be more upstream to work on your reputation so that the customer prefers your brand at the time of their choice

4. Telesales/ Order taking (conquest)

CAP EXPORT sets out to conquer your prospects by highlighting its natural communication skills combined with its sales techniques in order to immediately develop your sales and open new markets.

5. Quotation reminders (Invoiced customers +3 months/+6 months/+1 year)

A customer bought you 3 months ago, 6 months see more than 1 year and you do not have time to relaunch them and follow them, your commercial land is no longer on the sector and the customer gradually leaves to the competition. CAP EXPORT allows you to maintain contact with your dormant customers and re-engage your business relationships.

6. Additional sales (cross-selling)

CAP EXPORT allows you to personalize your relationship with a prospect to whom you have sent an email beforehand and to get closer to the targeted contact (Purchasing Director, Technical Manager). In cross selling sell the case and the rag to a customer who just bought you a pair of glasses

7. Upmarket (upselling)

In up-selling sell your premium offer to a customer who is currently on your basic offer in order to generate additional margin for the company. On existing frame or to create CAP EXPORT adapts its speech according to the orientations of the company

8. Destocking (Stock redemptions)

Reselling your stock has several major interests. First of all, this option allows you to optimize your storage space, but also to improve your sales forces by letting your teams focus on margin and turn-over products. In addition, resale allows a rapid inflow of cash.