Votre service export modulable

Cap Export is specialized in the commercial and structural support of companies launching or developing their activities internationally. Customized services adapted to your business situation, your challenges and in line with your objectives.

Operational services in 4 languages :





Your modular EXPORT service with a single service provider to interact with all types of companies ( small companies, midcaps, Group, multinationals) and contacts: (Buyers, key accounts, managers, , investors). 


Business areas :

Headquarters in Montpellier and branches in England, Spain and Italy

– Near exports (neighbouring countries) 

– The Middle Export   (European Union area of 27) 

– Major exports (United States, Canada-Maghreb, Australia – New Zealand, Rwanda, Tanzania, Mozambique, Ivory Coast DR Congo, Mexico, Peru, Paraguay, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Vietnam, Cambodia)



– An immediate start; you have no structure to set up, 

– Global support; international project support 

– Customizable flexibility; the prospecting effort is modulated according to the strategy you have approved, we adapt to your specifications.

– A budget adapted to your needs; you equip yourself with an export service that corresponds exactly to your objectives and ambitions


Outsourcing your export service: 


Well established in the domestic market, export development is part of a natural strategic continuity whatever its size, any company is able to meet the challenge of export.  There are many good reasons to export: First of all, the objective to increase its turnover, expand its market or go beyond the French market.  Companies want to explore less competitive markets, vary their clientele and thus become less dependent on their local customers.  Finally, exports extend the life cycle of products, optimize the production tool and achieve economies of scale.


However, despite the important trade with its partners, 25% of French exporting companies throw in the towel after one year and 83% of French companies wishing to develop internationally face organizational and human difficulties. The language barrier, the cultural environment, the lack of collaborators, the cost of commercial actions can complicate the export adventure. 


An export business plan, established over two to three years, makes it possible to quantify the necessary investments and costs, and to estimate the potential revenues.  There must be as many business plans as there are countries or markets. To structure your approach, start by listing all the expenses necessary to approach, then enter your target market: contact cci local, evaluate type of implementation (agents, subsidiary.), list the existing HR media of the country, form a local sales team,  adapt the offer, translate the website, define the first shipment of goods…





Only consider exporting when you are already well established in your country.

Adapt your behaviors to the culture of your interlocutors. To ensure a stable business relationship over the long term

Diagnose your business and be prepared to meet international demand. Do you have the means to finance the development and adaptation of products and export prospecting (market research, trade shows, multilingual marketing materials, etc.)?

Choose the right country and target the right clientele.  Selection will depend on the extent of demand and opportunities abroad, competition, barriers and the purchasing power of customers.

Consider your expansion in a progressive way.  Focus on one market at a time and only move on to the next when you have the first asset in place (established distribution network, operational logistics, etc.).

Plan resources to explore foreign markets.  Selling is not waiting for the customer to react, but it is pushing them to buy.  This requires time and resources to actively and professionally explore.

Choose the right distribution channels.  There are many options.  Examples include direct sales to foreign customers, the use of commercial intermediaries, distribution through a network of exclusive importers, the conclusion of commercial partnerships, the establishment of subsidiaries, branches or joint ventures, etc.venture, etc.



  • An invoice to the mission
  • several language combinations
  • A dedicated contact person
  • Immediate quantifiable results
  • Confidentiality on each mission communication in own name 
  • Deals with your prospects and foreign customers. 

Your company maintains control over its billing and collects payments on its own bank accounts. 


To start in a foreign market, the company has every interest in:

  • shorten and simplify sales channels
  • be in direct contact with the customer
  • and start with a lightweight structure

This will allow us to anticipate the changes in ranges and the technical expectations of customers. With CAP EXPORT you will be able to test the market before considering a heavier commercial implementation.

  • Together, we define your sales objectives and sales policy in your target markets



You approach markets with a budget exactly adapted to your needs: you acquire the fraction of the export department, which corresponds exactly to your objectives your possibilities, your ambitions.

Distribute according to your events and services according to seasonality in order to save your energies and reduce the costs of a professional internal export service (1 export manager + 1 export assistant = 100,000€ minimum annual direct and indirect costs).

The cost of the CAP EXPORT outsourcing solution depends on the objectives set and the means to be implemented. It consists of:

  • a monthly flat-rate portion, partially covering export service expenses.
  • and a variable portion, remunerating the sales made.

Develop your international sales without burdening your internal structure.

The company can’t do everything at once, so don’t spread out and focus on your priorities. Turn your strategy into a real business plan!

CAP EXPORT accompanies you step by step in each export mission for a measured and quantifiable approach. First, you need to take the time to build personal relationships with local partners. To stay focused on business development, R&D and financing, surround yourself to the maximum and outsource what isn’t your core business. Sequence your approach.

For a complete support CAP EXPORT accompanies you in business relations because trade relations and cultural exchanges are intimately linked, France is the most visited country in the world, with more than 89 million international tourist arrivals. It ranks third in the world in terms of revenues, behind Spain and the United States.