1. Conquest of partners on stand for feeding qualified leads files
  2. Business relationship development meal/business meeting
  3. Product technical demonstrations
  4. Taking orders from booths
  5. Technical commercial training and business seminars


17.7 million contracts signed per year in France > 16.3 million for consumer shows and 1.4 million for trade shows. 84% of exhibitors achieve Turnover thanks to the event. 32% of the turnover is made by foreign exhibitors. Companies exhibiting at trade fairs and fairs in France attend an average of 5 events per year. 69% of the stands held by French exhibitors allows to realize at least a contract with a foreign customer. The seminar remains the favorite event of companies. 84% of them regularly program it. 56% of companies generate an increase in sales during or following a business seminar

Finding new customers, especially for export, is one of the main attractions of a show. Over 2 or 3 days, a company can meet a maximum of potential French or foreign customers. All for a relatively moderate cost. According to a Coface study, for one euro invested in trade fairs, French companies generate 35 euros in export turnover

1. Home & Conquest of partners on stand for feeding qualified leads files

Trade shows are generally a good opportunity to reach many potentially targeted customers in a short period of time, but also to get in touch with suppliers and partners in the industry. Also interesting to observe the competition in your market.

To make a show interesting, work on your booth and your approach to create contact. Set up an appointment space and get hold of leads/customers sheets.

2. Business relationship development meal/business meeting

Strengthen your commercial relations during a friendly event to take stock of your current relationships and plan for future joint projects. Take advantage of a business meal to start an order or to make it a common memory on which to build business.

3. Product technical demonstrations

CAP EXPORT accompanies you at trade fairs in order to highlight your products with many international contacts. Demonstration remains one of the most effective sales methods for your prospects. CAP EXPORT expertise with more than 500 demonstrations makes it one of your main allies to introduce your novelties or introduce new features to your existing products or offerings

4. Stand Order Taking Conferences/Workshops/Seminars/Webinars

Organizing free or paid events on a topic that interests your audience can be a great way to attract prospects, prove your expertise through your presentation and then arrange an appointment and sell your offers.


Coworking nurseries/ incubators/ hives of companies

These workspaces equipped to accommodate temporarily self-employed or companies in creation and proposing the necessary to work: offices, meeting rooms, wifi, secretarial services, shared services, etc.

Places of passage and exchange that allow to build quality links and to find your first customers or partners

5. Technical commercial training and business seminars

The physical meeting: is the most direct method to meet your clients

Physical prospecting is effective but requires resources (time, budget, men) so focus your energy on the most profitable customers and work upstream the meeting to put your prospects in the best arrangements before the appointment. In most sectors of activity, physical encounter and human contact are necessary to create trust over the long term.