1. All Communications media
  2. Sector: Commercial, Technical, Advertising, IT, Tourism and Cultural
  3. Emailing campaigns
  4. DTP Desktop Publishing
  5. Pages Multilingual websites
  6. Blogs/Digital Communication
  7. Expert proofreading


  • 96% of small businesses/SMEs have a social media page (Linkedin, Facebook, etc.)
  • 83% of Internet users buy on the Internet
  • 40% of Internet users made a purchase act following receipt of an email containing a commercial offer

1. All communication media

In the phase of commercial conquest, development and loyalty, communication tools are essential tools to conquer new prospects and strengthen foreign partnerships. A brochure, or a site well translated and adapted to the target market, will facilitate exchanges and international relations. The company’s image will gain visibility, generate a flow of traffic that will stimulate sales.

Commercial relations and culture are intimately linked, as a complete business partner CAP EXPORT is positioned as close as possible to cultural sites, tourist offices, travel agencies, guest house, campsites, gîtes, restaurants, hotels to translate their communication tools such as: Cultural guides, travel catalog and many other supports to satisfy a loyal and passionate clientele of French heritage.

Commercial platelets: The platelet is the basic tool for prospecting. Left on deposit at the end of an appointment or distributed on your booth at a trade show, it allows you to leave a trace and stay in the mind of the customer. It must be visually consistent with other media.

Powerpoint presentations: The presentation remains a must for presenting your offer to the customer on ELMO or PC. Demos can also be done on appropriate tablets during business meetings

Text content: Tutorials, guides, lists, storytelling content, etc.

Video content: tutorials, business cases, testimonials, live videos, etc.

Sound content: radio emissions, podcasts, etc.

Visual content: Infographics, graphics, diagrams,

Advertising in newspapers and magazines: The national press, local and regional press allows you to target your audience finely without spending large amounts of money. (Example: Auto-weekly” for car enthusiasts)

In any case, the press advertising essentially allows to work the image of your brand by transmitting your values;

2. Sector: Commercial, Technical, Advertising, IT, Tourism and Cultural

CAP EXPORT accompanies companies in commercial, technical, advertising, IT, tourism and cultural translation for optimal communication during the targeted event: Flyers, brochures, totem, posts on social networks, e-mailing campaign and digital communication. CAP EXPORT has experience in several sectors of activity and in mastering the intricacies.

3. Emailing campaigns

By collecting email from your customers to keep in touch in exchange for gifts, benefits and information and/or advice that interest them (example: weekly recipes for a food brand) ; Email Campaigns and Newsletters are a great way to generate exchanges to lead to sales.

Email is a critical lever. It allows you to create a first contact within the framework of “cold emailing” campaigns and to increase your leadership in the eyes of your contacts.

Organize campaigns not to sell directly but to collect targeted emails (often through a contest) agreeing to receive your emails afterwards.

To collect emails directly through your site in exchange for a coupon or a promise (a gift, a guide, etc.)

Emailing solicitations that have entered their email address on their own after a purchase.

4. DTP/ Multilingual Pages/ Websites/ Blogs

Referral sites are all sites, blogs and forums pointing to your site with a link. Besides these links have an impact on your SEO, the traffic generated by the incoming links is generally of excellent quality. Indeed, if a blog talks about your product or your solution, the user who clicked is in a positive intention towards your company and will be more inclined to buy or make contact.

5.Digital communication

The basis of social media marketing is to produce content optimized to generate emotions (curiosity, surprise, etc.) to obtain shares, gain visibility while sculpting the image of your company with your potential prospects.

Advertising on social networks: Advertising on social networks mainly Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube is now mature and allows to generate prospects and sales in B2B with an extremely thin targeting level.

Social selling:Social networks are the first opportunity you have to be discovered by your prospects. They are therefore essential and must be thought of in terms of long-term investment in particular by integrating a “social selling” approach. Linkedin now acts as a truly giant commercial database, allowing you to easily contact specific people within the companies you are targeting and create a relationship

6. Expert proofreading

Who better than a native who lives in the country to check and validate the translation? Beyond nationality, the proofreaders are positioned in front of the sector of activity whose specificities he controls.